Ready to stop feeling overwhelmed, anxious & stressed?

DO any of these symptoms sound familiar? 
  • Fatigue- low energy 
  • Headaches 
  • ​Flu Like Symptoms 
  • ​Appetite Changes
  • Insomnia
  • Poor concentration 
  • Hormone imbalance
  • ​Weakened stress responses
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  •  Lack of sex drive/libido
  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • ​Unexplained weight gain
  • ​​Frustration or Irritability

These may be signs that your body is OVER-STRESSED. 

It's time to slow down...

Stress is a natural physical and mental reaction to life experiences. Everyone has felt it in some point in their lives. Especially these days, it’s almost inevitable. Stress has become ingrained in our culture. We associate it with hard work and success, assuming that we can’t have one without the other. Though some stress is necessary, we often bite off more than we can chew. 

We fail to realize that the more stressed we are, the less efficient we are. And we often choose to ignore the negative effects stress has on our bodies.  But, how successful are you, if you are so stressed out that you can’t enjoy your life? Excessive stress can lead to a multitude of symptoms, including adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety, sleep disturbance, hormonal imbalances and more.

The solution is a focused approach to your overall health through lifestyle, diet and supplementation to help support your system. Take 28 days to focus on making changes that will support you for a long time to come!


Dr. Oberg's Hormone Balance Program

The Well World Mobile App and Hormone & Stress Support Supplement Package makes it easier to 
take control of your stress, balance your hormones and take control of your health in just 28-days!

Well World

Exclusive access to the easy-to-use mobile app to help you keep a close eye on your nutrition, exercise, mindset, and goals.

Hormone & Stress Support Supplements

 Therapeutic supplements that can support your adrenal health, and your body which is paramount to stress management.

The Accountability & 
Help You Need

A complete nutrition plan, recipe ideas, shopping lists, lifestyle tips, exercises, breathing exercises, automated reminders and more!

Special Bonus 

Are you ready to begin your journey to a new and healthier you? 

Sign up now and receive exclusive access to my Guide To Supporting your Adrenals & Getting Optimal Sleep!

This eBook is a step-by-step guide to reducing your stress.

It's Never Been EasIer To Get Healthy & Balanced

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Get started with 

Dr. Oberg's Hormone Balance Program
Get the Well World App and use it to order your Hormone & Stress Support Supplements and download your program guide to help you remember what to do and track your progress.
Dr. Oberg's Hormone balance program
*Supplement Kit not included in program price**
  • Recipes, Meal Plans & Shopping Guides 
  • Fitness Exercises (you can do from home)
  • Guided Breathing Exercises
  • Access to the Well World Health Tracker App
  • 28-Day Hormone Balance Program 



Dr. Erica Oberg, ND MPH

Dr. Oberg has practiced integrative & natural medicine for nearly 20 years. She has held leadership positions in medical schools, NIH research, public health, and clinical practice. Her approach to health and medicine combines the rigors of science with the wisdom of nature and our bodies. She is passionate about helping people experience health as a state of vibrancy and vitality. As such, her clinical practice focuses on preventing, reversing, and taming chronic disease, neuro-regeneration, and anti-aging. Dr. Oberg specializes in nutrition & lifestyle, IV micronutrient therapy, and identifying the underlying causes of disease using advanced testing.

She enjoys working with people with neuro-degenerative conditions and those hoping to prevent them, people with risk factors for dementia or Alzheimer's, cognitive and cardiovascular concerns, people ready for lifestyle transformation, and anyone looking for a preventive, proactive, doctor expert in brain health.
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